Kenaf Job-Career

Job-Career or Partner

   If you are interested in a job-career see instructions below. If you are interested in becoming an independent partner within the "Kenaf Industry" supply chain contact me with how you would like to participate.

On The Job-Career Training

   On the job training in the past has been successful when long term plans were the norm in communities throughout the USA. Choosing a career path and sticking to it, made for a foundation in communities, where buying a home and raising a family were possible and made sense. I am currently putting teams together for the various training requirements needed in the "Kenaf Industry in the USA". 

   Once we have in place, the capability to deliver, on the job training will be available for both entry positions as well as advancement positions. 


   Today 9 Aug 2019 I am starting the process of searching for 3 Executives that have what it takes to establish an organization that will service all of our "Kenaf Partners". 

   The qualifications for these positions are having the passion for the areas you will be responsible for, experience in these areas and statistical results. Also a track record for learning and applying what you learn, successfully.

   If you are duty motivated and would like to discuss this further, study our Organizational Chart, email me with which sections of the Organization you are interested in.

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