Medium Maturing Kenaf Seed

   For now we are offering 1 variety (Whitten kenaf seeds) of mediummaturingkenafseed. We are looking into additional varieties that we can add to our list that have demonstrated qualities meeting the demands in seed, fiber, wood core etc.

Germination rate 85% of our Whitten kenaf seeds.


   1. 3 feet apart in each row and rows 3 feet apart. Plant spacing for Whitten Kenaf seed harvesting. In addition to plant spacing in the 3 foot spacing plots we cut off the top one foot, once the stalks reached 4 feet tall to promote branching and increase seed yield. Whitten is the only variety out of 30+ varieties we have tested that branches out and produces higher yields of seed per acre.

   2. 7 inches apart in each row and rows 7 inches apart. Plant spacing for Whitten fiber and wood core harvesting.

Planting Instructions for

    If you plan to be  growing for fiber  or wood  between latitudes 27N -34N you will need 15-20 pounds medium  maturation kenafseed  per acre. Plant seeds 1/4 inch deep in moist warm soil (60-70 degrees F 74 F is ideal). Plant seed 7 inches apart in rows with rows 7 inches apart. If you use a seed drill use plates for carrot size seed. Sprouting occurs in 2-4 days and seeds will need some moisture to get them started and for about 2 weeks after sprouting. 

    If you will be  growing Whitten for seed  between latitudes 27N - 34N you will need about 2 pounds of seed / acre. Recommendation for planting for seed harvest is 36 inches between plants in rows and rows 36 inches apart. Plant seeds 1/4 inch deep in moist warm soil  (60-70 degrees F 74 F is ideal).

 If you use a seed drill use plates for carrot size seed for all kenaf varieties including Whitten a MediumMaturingKenafSeed. Sprouting occurs in 2-4 days and seeds will need some moisture to get them started (about 2 weeks).

Fiber and Wood Core Yields

   Yields per acre are determined by several factors, and yield estimates are based on what we have experienced so far throughout the US with MediumMaturingKenafSeed.

   From the north to the deep south 6-10 tons / acre with 40% wood core and 60% fiber. These are estimated dry weights.

   Here are some factors we have seen affecting the yield.

1. Although kenaf is drought tolerant, rainfall has been seen to increase yield.

2. Optimum soil temp (in the top one inch of soil) has demonstrated increased germination and faster sprouting.

Weeds can affect growing rates and yields especially at the early stages of growth when the kenaf and weeds are competing for sunlight.

4. Plant spacing has been seen to affect yield. Both too few seeds per / acre and also too many seeds / acre. We only recommend what we have seen so far that works best in most places.

5. Soil types will affect yield. Sandy soils may require additional irrigation input to establish plants that can fend for themselves once the root system reaches a point to support growth needs of water.

6. Hardpan clay or compacted soils have a different challenge and preparing the soil with key-line plowing  should be considered in the beginning year (s).

7. The number of grow days between first and last frost affect yield. Note: Once you see the kenaf begin to flower is the best time to harvest for fiber / core because at this time the plants stop growing and all their energy goes into producing seed.

5 Pounds of Whitten Kenaf Seed approximately 55,000 seeds.

1 Pound of Whitten Kenaf Seed approximately 11,000 seeds.

100 Whitten Kenaf Seeds