Market Strategy

   Kenaf Partners USA is taking a different approach to market strategy to tap into the markets for kenaf fiber. The strategy is first to determine which of the 31 varieties produce sufficient quantities of new seed. Sufficient quantities of seed varieties that grow in the north, central and southern states.

   The approved seed growers (7 for 2019) will continue to produce more seed to supply additional seed growers. We are ramping up towards 600 - 1,000 acre seed growing operations in the USA. This is an estimate of what it will take to provide enough seed each year for corn, soy, cotton and wheat farmers to use as a rotational cash crop. After the 2019 harvest of both seed and stalk, seed yield by variety will be calculated and the stalks be sent to our partner who will be doing lab tests on the fibers and wood core. Those varieties that meet a viable quantity of seed will added to our catalog of approved kenaf seeds for kenaf seed growing operations. 

   Once the fiber qualities have been determined and matched with manufacturer specifications, we can then determine which markets each variety is best suited for. Kenaf Partners USA will then launch this part of their PR and Marketing Campaign targeting these markets.

   If there are certain markets not covered at this point whose specifications match one or more of our cataloged varieties that are demanding kenaf for their products, we will have a stable, flourishing and prospering foundation capable of addressing this.

   Running alongside of this market strategy will be the coordination of processing specifications for equipment and infrastructure for the varieties we will be working with to start. While these are going on, investment opportunities for seed operations, processing, storage and distribution will be promoted as part of the overall PR and Marketing Campaigns. 

Investment Strategy

What Do Potluck Dinners 
Have to do With Market Strategy?

   Over the years I have attended various workshops on different subjects. Many of these workshops included potluck dinners. Some of these potlucks were planned around assigning what food to bring ahead of time, while others said bring something to share or not.

   The best and most diverse potlucks as I recall were those that did not assign what food to bring. These potlucks were quite magical to me and still a mystery as to why! All I knew, is that it worked.

   The other thing I observed about these magical potlucks is there was plenty of food (something a host is concerned about). In fact people who brought food gave the leftovers to the attendees who loved their creative dish. New friends were made, recipes were shared and the experience one to remember.

   Another detail regarding this was the food that was brought was grown by the attendees who had an abundance they could easily share.

   So instead of trying to plan out the details of what kenaf varieties to grow for certain markets, we will be bringing our research results on proven varieties and where these varieties will grow best for seed, fiber and wood and publish this in an annual catalog. 

   Kenaf Partners USA PR and Marketing will create the aroma attracting many to our potluck table for magical experiences of sharing and fun. Current Markets


Market Strategy - Video

   There are a lot of similarities between this successful company and the strategy we are embarking upon here at Kenaf Partners USA. ASEA - The Genesis 

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