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   The best way to PredictingTheFuture is to design and create it. Doing this from a world view perspective is what is needed and wanted. There are others that claim to do this and address it in various ways, none of which are as embracing as my vision. 

    Taking a multitude of global scenes that are changing, and finding a common denominator that takes the complexities that seem to make it impossible to PredictingTheFuture and turn it into a digestible and simple solution is what I am about to attempt.

    Being a critical thinker myself, I invite other critical thinkers to chime in and share their questions and recommendations in alignment with this strategy. 

    As I write this, the details on the components to make this work are being created. These details are based on the design in my head and being put into motion and published in sequential steps.What is to follow is the introduction of a model of the vision I have to share.

    You will see more of the vision in the real world as the days go by. Hopefully your curiosity will somewhat be satisfied along the way, and you too will start  PredictingTheFuture.

PredictingTheFuture Begins Each Day

   I started PredictingTheFuture project the day I first asked the question "What will the future be like"? This began when I was a young boy and has continued throughout my life. As I now look back, I realize how often I asked this and also realize my choices and paths have been in search for this answer. 

   Today, it is obvious to me that this is how I begin each day. From viewing statistics related to business and so many other things, I see patterns and trends that help me PredictingTheFuture. My part is looking at the part I can play in designing and creating the missing parts that could help in making a better future.


PredictingTheFuture, Rich, Profitable and Practical 

   While going through my morning routines viewing statistics on Linkedin, I came across this article written by Stephen Fern. "The Pitchforks Are Coming ... For Us Plutocrats".

    The following was my response to his post and PredictingTheFuture and the beginning of a new model.

      You bring up some interesting points Stephen. I wonder if you might add or change somethings in your article today if you decided to rewrite it.

   Anyway, I have given some thought to minimum wages, our current scene economically both here in America and other countries as well. What I have observed and experienced in the "middle class" environments since 1964 are quite diverse in the various parts of the US where I have been employed or had a small business. Economically I have seen where a minimum wage of $ 15 / hour would not be enough for panhandlers in New York City and yet would be more than enough for a standard of living or living wage as it is referred to. Having grown up in Flint Michigan where the economy was centered around the automobile industry a factory worker making $ 5 / hour had an excellent standard of living, those specialized trades in the auto industry making $ 7 / hour had it even better.

   Just keeping  inflation in mind one would need to adjust wages to keep up with it along with the costs of goods needed in the local community. Since Seattle (I lived and worked there) and San Francisco have successfully demonstrated the workability of a higher minimum wage on a local level, I have reason and belief that local economies based on cost of living determining wages and adjusted to inflation (perhaps on an annual basis) would make a good foundation for thriving economies. Now comes another point of view anyone from small businesses, the working middle class, teachers and students and even the plutocrats can take a good look at and appreciate.

     No matter who we are, we need water, food, housing, and energy to survive in the world we live in today. Most of us in developed countries instinctively add to this list, yet the list would be a moot point if we did not have access to these 4 basics. What if there was something that would contribute to or be a resource for each of these 4 basics and so much more? 

   What if there was something that would contribute to or be a resource for each of these 4 basics and so much more? What if there was a local (within 50 miles or less) resource that could address any and all of them? What if there was a way that workers, students, business owners etc., could utilize the people and infrastructure in their community to train, apprentice and provide multiple career positions to choose from and serve their community?

   What if someone could start out with one then learn, intern, and get hired, then repeat this in other areas without missing a beat? Would this be a workable solution for the high school student not knowing what they want to do, and would need to experience more than one thing before settling down with what they really enjoy doing and making a living wage along the way?

What about the student that has chosen a career path and decides to go to college to discover during or afterwards that their career has become obsolete or they would need to move away to find a job that matched their education? 

  What if a majority of young adults find themselves compelled to address climate change or saving our oceans or forests or various species, we as humans are dependent upon for our 4 basics or mere survival as a human race and head off in all directions just to have a future at all?

   In our ever-changing world on many fronts, we do need a stable reference point upon which to survive and progress from. One in which we can stay connected to friends, family, and community and one in which our younger generation can start their families, having the hope for a future for themselves and the generations to come.

   These are things that the plutocrats should be interested in for their own survival and invested in their success.

   What if philanthropy and capitalism complimented each other in establishing a model that meets all these needs in a way that could adapt to local communities around the world?

   I have seen a vision where this is possible not in a utopian or perfect application but one that is down to earth, real, and possible. Together we can work this out and present it to a world that is waiting to embrace it and contribute to its forward progress.

Bob Lawrason © 17 January 2021

PredictingTheFuture and the Model.