My previous investing-strategy worked well in establishing a good foundation upon which to build upon. In an ever changing world we need to stay focused on the goals and change our operating basis to align with learned lessons that pertain to current scenes and the direction things are going. In the face of this a whole new investing-strategy was discovered.

   I have for some time believed that investing in nature would be the best investing strategy I could make. One of the reasons is that nature can be employed and will do their job without question or monetary pay. A powerful workforce at an affordable price.

   Investing in a way to help nature do their job will result in a regenerative return. There is a natural progression of economic return over time that has been observed by Dr. John Todd in his area of expertise centered around land and water.

   So when I say that kenaf plays a regenerative part in water, food. housing and energy and works hand in hand with nature, the potential return on my investing strategy is expected to be workable over time with higher economic returns further down the road.

    Investing in a way to help our fellow man that wants to make this a better world who recognize the value of nature and thier fellow man and the part each play daily to make it so, can be rewarding in many ways. 

My Experience With Investing

   I have been quite fortunate to have made connections and formed partnerships with teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, farmers, scientists and investors playing their part in the creation of the kenaf industry and supply chains. I see each of them as brilliant and compassionate contributors, dedicated to your survival, your family survival and business and local communities around the world. 

    Although some without the resources would invest in establishing the kenaf supply chain, but do not have the resources and others with resources require little risk with something new, investing in Kenaf Partners USA has not occurred. In lieu of this experience, I will invest my own funds when available, take all the risks and reap all the rewards. 

Investing-Strategy in Stages

   Over the last 7 years since I started Kenaf Partners USA, the popularity and interest in kenaf as a valuable fiber and wood source has increased. With that the demand for seed has yet to be met with supply. In order to meet the current and future demands the first stage is to complete the research and development of seed supply in the US for Early, Medium and Late maturing kenaf seed. The plan for this is in place with the experts in place to complete a 4 stage plan over a one year period. To make this happen an investment of $300,000 is needed. 

   The result of this R&D will establish the costs, yield, turn around time and profit potential in which the investor can expect. 

   Without a controllable seed supply documented by this R&D project, major buyers, contracted farmers, and key partners working on the supply chain kenaf equipment etc. will not be able to move forward in the manner they are ready for.

   Once this R&D project is completed we will be able to set up new locations quickly and close to the buyers. This will be a secondary phase of investing and profit project. 

   Imagine placing an order for seed any time and in many cases shipped in 5 weeks to your destination depending on quantity. This is where demand meets with supply generation. Who wants to contract a year or more in advance and wait for the harvest season and then all the shipping time to arrive, only to discover more seed is needed. 

   Buyers that have committed to purchase are currently waiting for dependable supply at an affordable price. Is it feasible? We like to think so and indicators based on previous research needs to be looked into and documented with real numbers. Will the numbers tell us we can provide more seed in less time at a price that is competitive with higher profit in a shorter period of time?

   Time, quantity, germination rates, costs, etc. to produce seed and package to ship for any of the 3 varieties we have chosen and are wanted by farmers, flour mills, oil products, fiber processors for textiles of all sorts, hurd for animal bedding, oil and gas spills (land and water), construction industry, plastic manufacturers and others.

   To facilitate these operations a new breed of technology is needed and has been discovered, that will be capable of integrating all operations, data, etc. and will be used by Kenaf Partners USA after its' release in December 2025. 

   The kenaf seed supply R&D is expected to be complete before then. The strategy for completing the elements needed in the supply chain will roll out after that at a speed that is unprecedented.

Investing Sneak Preview

   Only those individuals who have already been invited to invest in Kenaf Partners USA and are in progress of issuing funds are needed at this time.

   In the meantime I can share with you the investment opportunity with this "New Technology". Here is a link for a pitchdeck you may be interested in.

Bob Lawrason
Founder, CEO
Kenaf Partners USA