Our Mission

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    Our Mission is to discover and share the successful actions and products in the kenaf supply chain, resulting in improved health for land, water, plants, animals and people. 

The Global Steward Project for Climate Normalization Mission

   Man is not alone in addressing our current climate crisis. Animals, plants and micro-organisms, play their part naturally when left alone to do thier job.

   Yet over the centuries man has failed to see this and only now is coming to realize the results of their interference with the natural world.

   Animals, plants and micro-organisms work for free in a "Reciprocating Economy". The time has come for man to learn and become a contributing member of the natural world and "Reciprocating Economy".

   Man, throughout history has added complexities, so vast, that there is no single fix for our current climate crisis.

   It has been a long road to get to where we are today, and we are now forced with a timetable much shorter. To reverse the damage that has already been done as well as the daily damage created to keep the "status quo" of day to day survival in check, a simple and fast-growing method must become part of our daily amends, prayers and action.

   The integration of one thing and simple methods with the "potential" to reverse the damage and meet our time-table targets, needs to be known and understood by man.

   Participation in a "Reciprocating Economy" while meeting one's own needs and contributing to others, including man, animal, plant and micro-organisms can be done.

   You as an artist, teacher, entrepreneur, farmer, investor or consumer can become a "Global Steward" today.

   Discover that "one thing" the part you can play and start your doable action as a "Global Steward" in a "Reciprocating Economy" through our regenerative community. 

    Learn what is available here on each page, ask questions, share knowledge, contacts etc., spread the word and partnering with others, are ways you can participate in this "Reciprocating Economy" with kenaf. The simple methods covered here have the potential of handling the complexities of our climate crisis.

    That is our mission and I hope that is your mission too!

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