Understanding The Basic Sequence
in the Kenaf Fiber Industry

   This is a basic overview of the kenaf fiber industry. Every successful industry is made up of various partners playing their part. No matter what part you decide to play in the kenaf fiber industry you will at least need to have an overview of the other players involved with fibers. 

Kenaf Fiber Industry

   Once the kenaf stalks are harvested and the outer fiber is separated by a decorticator they go through a refinement process with each step changing the characteristics of the fiber. You can sell your fiber to a processing facility or directly to a manufacturer. You may also want to do the processing yourself, it is up to you the parts you want to play in the supply chain. You will need to know which of the above 3 fiber characteristics your manufacturer is looking for. Also your manufacturer may want the fibers made into sheets of a certain size etc.

Kenaf Fiber Industry

This is a mobile fuel decorticator used to separate fiber from wood core from fresh harvested kenaf stalks.

Kenaf Fiber Industry
Drying the Fiber

   After the fiber is separated from the wood core during the decorticating process the fiber goes through a drying process to prevent mold from damaging the fibers.

   After the drying is complete and the moisture level is in range, it is time to bale if you are shipping raw fiber to your buyer. 

Kenaf Fiber Industry
Basic Sequence

Here are the steps from seed to manufacturer/buyer for fiber:

  • Plant seed
  • Harvest Kenaf
  • Separate fiber from wood core
  • Dry fiber
  • Process fiber to buyer standards
  • Bale fiber
  • Load and transport or store for pick up
  • Deliver and unload

   Your options for selling fiber, which should be done as part of the decision process will be to a processor who has a contract with the manufacturer or the manufacturer directly. At sometime in the future there may be brokers involved that you can contract with. 

   You may want to take on the processing yourself as I have heard from one of our partners within our network. Fiber equipment used for wool, alpaca and cotton can be adjusted or retrofit to work with kenaf. Mechanical engineers can be helpful in determining how to get the fibers ready for the manufacturer. To see if there is a fiber processing mill in your state you can Google fiber processing mills (your state). Here is a link to a fiber mill that also has equipment. https://www.fibermillingequipment.com/

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