Regenerative Investing

   Regenerative Investing is a new term defined as Long Term Investing sufficient to enable new business models to accomplish increasing long term ROI for investor.

   "Patient Capital" is a new term being used to describe a similar type of investing, but the concept addresses the same question "What will it take to turn things around and truly address climate change".

   Although the idea of regenerative agriculture is being discussed around the globe aligned with various related subjects and their importance, the opportunity to invest and get a ROI based on the success of their investment portfolio, needs to exist as part of the whole view and plan. 

   The reasoning behind this is based on the answer to the question "What will it take for this new business to succeed"?

   My answer to this question for the investor is "enough investment money to work out the details resulting in a viable business model that returns an increasing amount of return for the investor over a long period of time".

   My answer to this question for the business owner is "the willingness to do what it takes to accomplish a viable business model and high returns to investor once viability is achieved in the shortest possible time".

   The current global scene has introduced key factors that must be addressed for the sake of mankind and our planet. It has taken 100s of years to reach our current unsustainable situation and yet we don't have the same time alotment to reverse some of the destructive aspects we are faced with today.

   Bold action accompanied by bold investment is key to our future survival. With the attitude by the business owner and investor alike being "we will persist until we get it right" while working as a team to bring about the ideal scene embraced by each of us.

   The "correct estimation of effort" which includes both action and money as the fuel to keep the action going, will most likely be more than originally anticipated. Fast recognition and response in the form of re-evaluation of the efforts needed will determine how fast we reach our goals.

Success vs Failure and RegenerativeInvesting

   RegenerativeInvesting in the long term will be successful based on persistence and the speed in which actions and investments realign after failures. The only successful businesses today have survived because of their persistence. Some of these businesses were not necessarily the best product or service but are still around today because they persisted and were well organized. Some of them are reorganizing now in light of the current global scenes both economically and environmentally. 

   And that is the winning attitude. 

   To have the willingness to do what it takes and the willingness to invest in what it takes go hand in hand and one cannot be successful without the other.

   I learned a valuable lesson when I did the "pilot" for shows and events. Overall I did 16 shows and events. 13 of them were total failures and 3 of them were successful. The lesson I learned was recognizing what caused the failures, and found it invaluable.

   It was valuable for me because I was charged with the duty to see that each of my managers and dealers were successful. Imagine for a moment that one of them did their first show and failed at it. That manager or dealer would be less likely to do another show or event and the managers would not recommend shows and events to their dealers. So by isolating what was behind the failures I could pass this valuable information on to each of them and prevent failures in the future.

RegenerativeInvesting was key to the success of this pilot and the results that followed.

    The successful actions discovered were used to find shows and events that had the potential of passing our checklist inspection, saving time and allowing a model to be fine tuned over time. We even found exceptions to the rule and could think with this and make the right decisions.

   Since this "pilot" was completed by me and passed on to others over 3,000 successful shows and events were logged and company sales records were broken for years afterwards. Records of 8 times more sales in one day (actually 6 hours) than the record first set at shows and events. We are all grateful for the RegenerativeInvesting that was done making it possible.

   So you can see that failures are a necessary experience in order for succes to occur.

The New Normal and RegenerativeInvesting

   I hope to see RegenerativeInvesting to be the "New Normal" rising from the ashes of the global challenges we face today. 

   I am not alone in thinking this way! Here is a video that explains a few things about 


   Let's take a look at this as simply as possible in a new way. I'll start by asking "Would you want a 60% ROI after 5 years of investing in a business that then does $100 million/year profit or 1% of a $1 trillion/year industry after 10 years of investing ? Please do the math before you answer this question.

   Let us take this one step further and say your initial investment is the same either way and between $50 million and $100 million per site (one per state). 

   Another question I have is what is the correct estimation of effort needed to establish a kenaf industry in the U.S.? A very rough estimate would be to have a working model in most U.S. states at a cost of $7-$8 billion over a 5-8 year period.

   In the event you find yourself interested in some aspect of this New Normal and are experiencing a barage of "what ifs" coming to mind, I can assure you that you are not alone. We would be better off ignoring these "what ifs" and getting the show on the road, since these may never occur and different ones present themselves along the way. If you are willing, let's play the game to win and start with RegenerativeInvesting! Start by contacting Bob.