The kenafnewsletter is a free subscription and is sent out when important successes, suggestions from subscribers and changes to strategic plans take place. I originally planned to send it out on a monthly basis and in retrospect, requires the completion of research on the kenaf varieties we have tested, major targets aligned with my strategic plan and resulting successes realized with any of my partners (independent kenaf bussinesses).

   While a majority of the visitors to my web site are from the U.S. (59%), the rest are from over 50 countries as of January 2020. 

   Looking back on our first year and realizing more accurately, what I need to do and what needs to be completed before others take action, this newsletter will be sent only when major targets are completed or announcements that pertain to our strategic direction change or are shown to be effective.

   For some time now I have known that I am a visionary who sees and takes action towards ideal scenes. I take pride in keeping up with the current scenes of the world that can directly or indirectly affect my strategy and the direction needed for success.

   Liken this to building a skyscraper, where we have a site designated and a foundation to build before adding on multiple floors to completion. As a visionary I see the completed skyscraper from a birdseye view. What started out as a 100 floors of a skyscraper on a city block in New York City, may require 2 city blocks and 150 floors at a new location before completion. 

   As with any building project, the site and the foundation determines a successful completion and that is where we are at today in February 2020. The foundation is made up of a mixture of kenaf seed supply that can support the potential success of a kenaf industry in the U.S. and partners/tenants occupying their role in its' successful completion.

   Who will occupy the floors, the details of each floor and the integrated cooperation of each tenant during the design process and the maintenance after completion is what I and others need and want at this time. If you are interested in playing an active role in establishing the foundation or any floor of the kenaf industry skyscraper, please speak up and let me and others know what you need and want and see what is needed and wanted in the kenafnewsletter.    

   I look forward to hearing from you! Tell Bob

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