Late Maturing Kenaf Seed

   We do not carry this seed at this time. Email me for contact information for suppliers. Minimum order is 1 ton.

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   Late maturing kenaf seed can be grown for fiber and wood in many places throughout the USA. The longer the period you have to grow increases your potential yield.

   LateMaturingKenaf varieties can be grown for fiber/wood in the USA in every state except Alaska. The longer your season the higher the yield. 

   LateMaturingKenaf Varieties are recommended in latitudes with 135 - 150 frost free days for seed supply, limiting this variety to southern latitudes that have longer growing seasons. 

Late Maturing Kenaf 

   Late Maturing variety with excellent fibers and wood core. Estimated fiber/core yield 4-12 tons/acre depending on grow days and other growing factors. 20lbs/per acre planted is recommended. 110 acres per MT. Can be used as a rotational cash crop for industrial hemp, corn, soy and cotton.

   If interested in growing a Late Maturing variety email me to get contact information. Orders of 1 ton or more is the minimum required by these suppliers.

Late Maturing Kenaf Seed
Planting Instructions

    If you will be growing for fiber or wood only you will need 15-20 pounds of Late Maturing seed/acre. Plant seeds 1/4-1/2 inch deep in moist warm soil (minimum 60 degrees F). Plant seed 7 inches apart in rows with rows 7 inches apart. If you use a seed drill use plates for carrot size seed. Sprouting occurs in 2-4 days and seeds will need some moisture to get them started and for about 2 weeks afterwards. 

Late Maturing Kenaf Seed Wanted

Because of the increase in demand for kenaf seed from around the world, I am looking for seed suppliers from each country. If you have 1 or more tons of late maturing kenaf seed for sale contact me with your quantity and country.