Late Maturing Kenaf Seed

   Late maturing kenaf seed can be grown for fiber and wood in many places throughout the USA. The longer the period you have to grow increases your potential yield.

   Late Maturing varieties can be grown for fiber/wood in the USA in every state except Alaska. The longer your season the higher the yield.

   Late Maturing Varieties are recommended in latitudes 10N-27N for seed supply, limiting this variety to southern Florida and Texas on the mainland and the Hawaian Islands. 

Late Maturing Kenaf Seed
Planting Instructions

    If you will be growing for fiber or wood only you will need 15-20 pounds of Late Maturing seed/acre. Plant seeds 1/4-1/2 inch deep in moist warm soil (minimum 60 degrees F). Plant seed 7 inches apart in rows with rows 7 inches apart. If you use a seed drill use plates for carrot size seed. Sprouting occurs in 2-4 days and seeds will need some moisture to get them started and for about 2 weeks afterwards. 

    If you will be growing for seed in latitudes 27N-10N for seed, Late Maturing Variety is recommended. Plant the same as you would for fiber.


Late Maturing Kenaf Varieties Beyond 2019

  Late Maturing Kenaf Varieties are needed and wanted. If you live in southern Florida, Texas or Hawaii south of the 27N latitude and are interested in providing a supply of late maturing kenaf seed to interested buyers while growing for fiber/wood, please fill out the form below for a free seed consultation. I have 6 varieties (10 seeds each variety) to be tested for germination rate and seed yield for the 2020 growing season. 

   If you have late maturing kenaf seeds harvested in the U.S. for sale, contact Bob with each variety, quantity, germination rate and seed yield along with prices.


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