Eco-FriendlyHousing should be defined first so we are on the same page and talking about the same thing. Let us look at this from an ideal point of view embracing multiple aspects and not just one in particular.  Eco-friendly homes are made up of organic or recycled materials to lessen damage to the environment

   Kenafcrete can then be considered Eco Material as described and demonstrated here. As covered in this document, kenafcrete built homes meet most of the 10 superior properties of eco material. Now imagine a home that is framed with bamboo instead of lumber products from our sacred forests. Add to that 9 inch thick walls of kenafcrete.

    Bamboo and concrete has worked

   So what would be the advantages of using bamboo and kenafcrete together to build eco-friendlyhousing? If it can be done with industrial hemp, it can be done with kenaf. 

Why Bamboo
In Eco-FriendlyHousing?

  1. Over 2,000 different species to choose from. American Bamboo Society
  2. Can be grown in warm and cold climates up to zone 4.
  3. Clumping bamboo is not invasive and easy to grow.
  4. Giant bamboo can grow up to 12 feet high and 4-5 inches in diameter in a season.
  5. You can harvest at the end of every season and it is like grass and will grow back.
  6. Structural strength and flexibility similar to steel.
  7. Bamboo has many other uses.
  8. It too can help save our forests especially old growth forests which are becoming rare.
  9. Farmed properly with kenaf you can grow the material for one or more houses each year.
  10. It has its' own unique beauty and character in the landscape.

Hempcrete Home Eco-FriendlyHousing

Why Kenafcrete
In Eco-FriendlyHousing?

  1. Continues to absorb carbon from the atmosphere as time goes by.
  2. Fireproof.
  3. Mold proof
  4. Pest proof
  5. 9 inch thick walls have a 18-29R insulation value. (Note:I have seen both values stated by experts one stating 2R/inch)
  6. Sound absorbing/dampening.
  7. Waterproof and self healing.
  8. Kenaf is not regulated and can be a more cost effective building material.
  9. Is a superior eco material.
  10. Easy to build with.

Other Eco-FriendlyHousing Uses
For Bamboo and Kenaf

  • Flooring - bamboo and kenafcrete
  • Foundations - bamboo and kenafcrete
  • Insulation - kenaf
  • Particleboard made with kenaf provides the best quality compared to trees
  • Kenafcrete sprayed onto existing walls

Follow these links to eco-friendlyhousing plasters and other texture applications for inside and outside use. If you have questions or suggestions send bob an email and he will get back with you as soon as possible.

Lessons Learned 

   This information can be applied to kenafcrete house building as well. Hindsight lesson.

Training, Materials and Equipment

   Training is where it all begins. Knowing what materials, where and how to get them is a vital part of the whole process.

   Getting trained on what materials and what equipment and then learning how to use this information for any project makes a complete package for the beginner as well as the professional in the construction industry.

   Having the training for beginners and homeowners to professionals, access to the right equipment and materials and training in design for archtects using hempcrete in one place, will save you you time and money and get you off to a successful and fast start in the hempcrete and/or kenafcrete industry.

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