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   When I first started out several years ago, I needed to find the fiber-equipment that made sense to this new industry and continued to look into what was available for those starting out small and growing over the years. This has been a work in progress that continues to increase the number of options for the fiber-equipment that will work for you. 


Starting Out Small vs Large

   Because the demand for large quantities and specified qualities by qualified buyers is on the rise, where demand is higher than the supply in the first quarter of 2022, small processing equipment only makes sense for the hobby farmer who wants to process for their own use. The idea of starting out small and eventually grow into a larger processing equipment facility doesn't make sense to me, and I'll tell you why.

    One of our fiber-equipment suppliers can take your order for your fiber-equipment  and deliver it in 90-180 days, depending on where on our planet you plan your operation. Processing 10,000 tons in a year. With a return on your intial investment in 18 months to pay for your equipment and see a profit possible, opens the door to a fast start to meeting the ever growing demands. We have various buyers ready to purchase your processed kenaf or industrial hemp.

    Large fiber-equipment processors are ones that process 3-10 tons per hour. Some can process both kenaf and industrial hemp and out of these choices, the end product is used in different markets. Other large proccessors are designed and built to handle either kenaf or industrial hemp. We can help you in making the right decision so you can start off on the right foot.

Fiber-Equipment for Fiber and Hurd

   The fiber-equipment that we recommend handles both fiber (short and long) as well as the hurd. When it comes to quality we can ensure you get the fiber results that are needed. From rough fiber to high quality fiber used in the textiles industries.

This is the recommended equipment, because of its' versatility in meeting the standards and quantity wanted by your customers.

Kenaf Samples and Bulk

   Get samples or buy in bulk here:

Getting Started

   Whether you have a particular market and buyer(s) or not, we are here to match the best fiber-equipment to use. In addition you get expert advice on seed, on site training of your crew, technical support and more when needed. 

    Do you have what it takes to start a rewarding business that benefits your community and our planet? Find out by scheduling a zoom call with Bob Lawrason