Research-Investment Our Vision
for New Products

   During these times we need to take bold steps with research-investment and be able to visualize the future of kenaf as a thriving industry in the USA. With so many benefits to healthy environments, farmers, communities, entrepreneurs, existing businesses and investors, research and development are at the forefront of successful trends.

   When it comes to research-investment, development is often assumed, and that is how we like to look at it too! We come to the table with the attitude "we see how we will get the intended results". We can see this because we start out with known scientific discoveries that are consistent and predictable.

   From this starting point we can then decide how we can apply this data to create electrical energy and store it using kenaf as a resource for example.

   Next we set our criteria as an ideal scene i.e easy, fast manufacturing, inexpensive, competitive and superior performance compared to similar products in demand. Once we have met this criteria and demonstrated how it can be done, we package it up and make it available for others to follow step by step instructions on how to produce the same results. Onsite training and internships.   

   Our research and development partners are involved with the creation of new products that stay in demand and in use for generations to come, where multiple returns for the investor can be realized.  

This is a photo of a hempcrete home that could be built with kenafcrete and bamboo.

Our Focus for Research-Investment

   We set our priorities based on preserving and reclaiming natural resources that benefit water, soil, trees, people and animals by using kenaf as a rotational cash crop on existing farmland and using kenaf as a better alternative resource to fossil fuels, reducing pollution on land, manufacturing processes and the logging of trees etc.

   These priorities can be met while utilizing kenaf for food, fodder, healthy water, healthy soil, regenerative housing, electrical energy generation and storage, as well as transportation using bio-diesel or electric energy. 

   With these things in mind we can serve industries that make paper, plastic composites, particle board, wood pellets, textiles, animal feed and bedding, grow mats and erosion control, residential housing, solar electric panels, batteries, automotive panels, sound proof panels, clothing and more.

   We can envision doing this while:

  • letting our forest grow tall and proud again
  • logging companies transition to harvesting, processing and transporting kenaf
  • providing kenaf seed to corn, soy and cotton farmers as a rotational cash crop 
  • providing books about kenaf.
  • reducing chemical use in manufacturing paper products
  • reducing the need for fossil fuels in plastic products
  • providing a superior resource for particle board manufacturing
  • housing that sequesters carbon for many years
  • building beautiful residential housing with kenafcrete which is mold proof, fireproof, water proof, pest proof, sound proof with 9 inch thick walls rated with a 29R insulation value.
  • training and internships
  • providing tours and services - key-line plowing, key-line design, kenafcrete building, processing, harvesting, transportation.
  • providing a resource for many cottage businesses with positive affects in job creation and improved local economies
  • providing opportunities for investors to diversify their portfolios in multiple kenaf businesses with long term returns while leaving a legacy for future generations

US Today

   In the US today research-investment focus is changing with the challenges we are facing. One of these challenges is a majority of commercial farmers are retiring and most of them report that thier children will not be taking over the farm. This is an opportunity to salvage these farmlands and provide beneficial options for farmers and their families. 

   Climate change is also one of these challenges that we all face. Sequestering CO2 is in the forefront of solutions being presented around the globe, and kenaf can play a major role in addressing both of these challenges. The US kenaf industry needs research-investment to setup the infrastructure and discover the successful actions that can be applied on a broader scale.

   Another challenge is realestate in the form of commercial properties, residential properties and land of all types, that are burdensome or not being used to benefit the property owner, the environment or others. 

   Looking at these 3 challenges and finding the experts to work with that address all 3 challenges with even more far reaching effects, is now available. Our research with Kenaf Partners USA continues with our processing facility and demonstration showroom.

   If you would like to support this activity you can do so now by personal charitable giving of realestate or letting others know that there is a mutual benefit that can be realized by doing so. Get an overview of how this works and the easy way to get started below.

People For A New America PFANA

OUR MISSIONTo CREATE a new America by and for “We the People” ​STARTING at the COMMUNITY LEVEL.

Read MoreWhere Passion and Purpose all come together…

Charitable Giving of Realestate

   Each gift of real estate is unique. PFANA’s knowledgeable team of professionals are here to guide you through the available options and simplify the process. We will be glad to meet with you and your attorney, tax advisor or financial planner to discuss your specific situation.

   Please contact PFANA’s Office of Planned Charitable Giving for personalized illustrations that show how PFANA can help you turn your real estate asset into a gift that can benefit you, your family and the PFANA program of your choice.

   Our mission at PFANA is to provide educational and advocacy services that create jobs and economic opportunity for underserved individuals and communities and foster cultural awareness, community collaboration and education on the benefits of leadership and training.



   When considering a gift to support PFANA or a Nonprofit of your choice many people overlook a valuable portion of their assets — REAL ESTATE!

   Donating property to PFANA and/or a Nonprofit of your choice can provide important tax dvantages while eliminating the responsibility of property management. As with donations of appreciated stock, donating appreciated property allows you to minimize or avoid capital-gains taxes that you would incur if you sold the property.

   Donating your property to PFANA also saves you the expense and headache of marketing and selling your real estate. Depending on the specific gift arrangement that works best for you, you may also benefit from a significant charitable income-tax deduction, a lifetime income stream, cash back from the gift transaction, or even retaining the right to continue living in a property you donate.

   There are a variety of ways to structure your gift of real estate, as outlined in this brochure. The planned giving professionals at PFANA are available to meet with you and your advisors to help you determine the best solution to meet your needs. However your gift is structured, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will have a lasting impact on PFANA’s national grassroots movement and University.

   Remember: If you have an interest in supporting another Nonprofit in addition to PFANA through a single donation, we can facilitate that, as well.


   PFANA’s curriculum offers innovative solution-oriented courses which covers a broad spectrum. Our leadership and unique programs are helping to shape America’s future with top experts and professionals.

   PFANA’s focus gives their enrollees real tools to conquer the world by funding opportunities via the power of grant money, charitable giving of real estate, and much more. PFANA’s faculty is second to none. Its students have access to online libraries, study & lecture halls, personal mentoring, and consultations that guide them in real time by applying and accomplishing one’s purposes and goals.


   “If given the opportunity, most of us would like to leave the world a better place than we found it.” A gift of real estate can be the ideal vehicle for making this possible. Your gift can create a far-reaching legacy for generations to come.

   PFANA’s real estate program offers you the opportunity to make a significant difference whether your philanthropic passion is in music, arts, media, legislative & advocacy, wellness, new technology, new economy, youth education, charitable giving of real estate (CGRE), and veteran’s affairs, among many others.

   PFANA’s capable development team is committed to working closely with each individual donor to tailor a gift arrangement that best suits his or her circumstances and to identify a personal legacy at PFANA that advances her or his philanthropic goals. Now more than ever, PFANA’s aims, and goals are playing a crucial role in making the world a better place for all people as well as preparing PFANA University students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

   We invite you to consider supporting PFANA’s mission through a permanent legacy that addresses your philanthropic goals and reflects your closely held values.


   The professionals at PFANA have years of experience in facilitating gifts of real estate. From single family homes in California to commercial property in urban areas, we have helped individuals and corporations turn their real estate assets into lasting legacies for future generations to come.

   Our expertise means that we are available to craft a donation arrangement that matches your desires and circumstances. We can relieve you of property management headaches, while providing the opportunity for significant tax advantages and possibly lifetime income for you or someone else, depending on the gift arrangement you choose.


   Any type of real estate you own can become a gift to support causes that you believe in.

   Primary Residences

   Vacation Homes, We accept single family homes, multifamily homes, and condominiums. If you are considering selling or disposing of a residence, check with PFANA first to see how we can help. 

   When the hassle of upkeep turns your vacation home into a chore, we can help. We work with gifts of cabins, condominiums, travel motor coaches, yachts, or any other type of vacation property you may own. (Excluding time shares) Investment Property.

   You may have invested in residential, rental, or commercial property to provide supplemental income. Over time, finding renters, paying taxes and property maintenance may be more work than you are willing or able to do. If you use this property to fund a charitable remainder unitrust, you can receive an income stream for life while avoiding the hassle of property ownership. At the end of the trust, your gift will make a significant difference.

Commercial Property

   Your company can benefit from a charitable donation to PFANA or a Nonprofit of your choice. We can find creative solutions to the problem of corporate surplus property, as well as charitable uses for apartment and office buildings, retail centers, medical offices, and many other types of commercial property.

Vacant Land

   You may be paying taxes on vacant property that you have decided not to develop. Consider donating it to benefit PFANA or a Nonprofit of your choice. You can give this land outright, sell it in a bargain sale, put it in a trust, or leave it to your designated Nonprofit in your will.

Farm/Ranch/Mineral or

Timber Rights

   Whether it is the family farm, mineral rights, or timber land, we can use your income–producing property to craft a gift arrangement that could provide you with income as well as an income tax deduction, while also freeing you from the work of managing the property.

   Do you or your company own property in another country? We may be able to facilitate gifts of real estate in other countries. Please contact us regarding your specific situation.



   The simplest way to donate real estate is through an outright donation. By entering into an agreement to give all or a portion of your real estate to PFANA and/or a Nonprofit of your choice, you will maximize your support and may be eligible for an income tax deduction equal to the full appraised value of your real estate.

Bargain Sale

   In a bargain sale, you sell your property to PFANA at a price below its appraised fair-market value. PFANA will pay you the reduced price, and the remainder of the appraised value becomes a taxdeductible donation.


   You can benefit PFANA simply by including a bequest intention of any property in your will. The bequest may be either unrestricted or, in consultation with PFANA, designated to a Nonprofit of your choice. If you like, you may choose to donate a portion of your real estate to PFANA and share the gift among other Nonprofits or individuals of your choice.

   PFANA can provide you with sample bequest language to share with your legal advisor.

Life Income Gifts – (CRT - Outright or Bequest)

   Through a charitable remainder trust or a charitable gift annuity, you can turn your real estate into a reliable income stream. In exchange for your property, PFANA will agree to pay you and a spouse or other loved ones a steady income for the remainder of your life/their lives. In addition to lifetime income, you are eligible to take a charitable deduction for a significant portion of the gift.

Retained Life Estate

   This option allows you to donate your property while continuing to enjoy its use for as long as you wish. When you give your home to PFANA and/or a Nonprofit of your choice, subject to a “retained life estate,” you may continue to live there for the remainder of your life, or the life of your spouse. You are eligible to take an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of the value of your home. You can use a primary residence, second home, farm, or any asset you use as a personal residence for a retained life estate.

   Now you have the fundamental information on the amazing opportunities that Charitable Giving Of Real Estate provides. We look forward to speaking with you about your specific needs!

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New Earth Ministries

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The Seeds for Life and Seeding the World project is born

It is the goal of this project to help reinvigorate and bring prosperity to

rural Northern Michigan and beyond through the farming, product

development and processing of the revolutionary plant called KENAF.

This near and far reaching project has been set on the launch pad by

New Earth Ministries, a non-profit, unincorporated Private Member

Association, founded and maintained in Fairview, Michigan and

Amarillo, Texas.

Much research is currently underway regarding the hundreds of uses

afforded by this plant’s cash crop and its role in shaping the future of

Northern Michigan farming and commerce. Spearheading this

research and development is Kenaf Partners USA located in Onaway,


To acquaint yourself with KENAF and its many products, please visit:

This project

cannot be done without community support!

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1. Become a member of New Earth Ministries.

2. Give a cash donation in support of the Seeds for Life and

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3. Donate to the Seeds for Life and Seeding the World project

by donating farm land, residential or business properties,

buildings and farm equipment in the Fairview, Onaway area in

order to forward getting this project off the ground. Once we

become operational in the initial phases of growing and

harvesting a large scale kenaf crop, we will be moving into

creating and maintaining large scale growing operations as well

as locally owned processing plants across Northern Michigan.

This will inspire local hiring and training of skilled workers to build

and maintain these growing and processing facilities.

All cash and non-cash donations are

Tax Deductible!

This project cannot be done without the awareness and support

of local communities. Being a Private Membership Association

non-profit, New Earth Ministries is unincorporated and exists

entirely in and for the private domain. We are unencumbered by

the government or corporate interests.

It will be no small undertaking by a free and sovereign community

to accomplish such a far reaching goal of this scale. It takes

small steps to build a stairway to the stars. We are on the third

or fourth rung.

To consult with us and get more information about the Seeds for

Life and Seeding the World Project, to make a donation or to take

part in the project, please email us at:

We’d be happy to discuss how you can help as well as how we

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