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   Podcasts are a great way to learn and meet people in the kenaf industry and those with aligned values. As kenaf gets more attention, interest and participation in this new U.S. Industry, it is inevitable that questions being asked can be covered in a podcast along with exciting information from pioneers moving forward on their journey for a better world.

   Here at Kenaf Partners USA the Founder, CEO has been invited to interviews by Derek Cross with "The Hemp Chat", Mira Rubin "Sustainabiliy Now Global" Sten Howell "Wave-Hanson" and Dr. Anita Corrigan And Toni Tillis " TotallyT" as of 3 May 2020. Links will be posted below as they become available.

Kenafcrete in Malaysia. Interview with questions answered. 

The Hemp Chat with Derek Cross and Bob Lawrason Episode #8 

Kengro on Permian Perspective – PP038 - Kenaf product Marketing 

Zach Bush message to farmers, governments, investors, doctors and the good people of our Mother Earth. What Each of Us Needs to Know and act upon Now. Corona Virus is not the biggest Threat.

Bob Lawrason Founder, CEO Kenaf Partners USA "Kenaf The Next Industrial Hemp"

Imterview with Mira Ruben Sustainability Now Global

Spiritual Transition, Working With Nature, Virus as Part of Life, Regenerative Agriculture with Zach Bush.

    Michigan Climate Action Network Podcasts

   Investment and Infrastructure for Regenerative Agriculture Video

   Fiber Facts, Trends, Economics, Health, Regenerative Agriculture, Governance, Trade, Vision and more... Audio with Rebecca and Acres USA. listen now!

   Kenafcrete Affordable Homes Video.

   7 Strategies for Cities addressing Climate Change that align with Kenaf Partners USA Investment Strategy.

   The Business of Kenaf and a Trillion Dollar Market Podcast interview by Steven Howell at Wave Hanson and Bob Lawrason Founder, CEO Kenaf Partners USA

   This is a video on large scale farming on how to handle weeds without chemicals towards regenerative farming. Consider utilizing kenaf as a rotational cash crop at the time he mentions no cash crops in preparing the soil for future crops. This is one of the many ways large scale farmers can utilize kenaf in their transition to regenerative farming. Large Scale Farming and No Chemical Weed Control Video.

What Kenaf Topics Would You Like to Hear?

   Although I am reluctant to ask since things are getting busier all the time, I do want to know from the visitors here what topics they are interested in. So if something comes to mind send me a quick email and let me know.