This kenaffarmersmap will be updated at the end of each month and show the current kenaf farmers/seed customers known at the time.


October 2020 

KenafFarmersMap and Partnering With U.S. Kenaf Seed Suppliers

   While Kenaf Partners USA continues research with new kenaf varieties and builds up supplies of kenaf seed in the U.S., two U.S. partners continue to supply kenaf seed to their customers. 

    The above updated kenaf farmers map has new seed customers from Kenaf Partners USA and Experimental Farming Network. 3 pins on this map represent pre-existing kenaf growers, of which, two are known to process kenaf. Once the mapping software is in place we will have layers of maps that will be interactive and for your practical use.

   This kenaffarmersmap and the processor map on this website were for my personal use in determining where processing facilities would have most demands. Integrating these maps with industrial hemp growers, fiber processing centers etc. will be useful our our visitors who are interested or already involved in the industry.