Maps for North America

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   Maps of various types can be very useful tools for everyone in the kenaf industry supply chain. These can be useful in helping to determine your markets, strategy or even investments and connect up with your new kenaf partners.

   For now these maps are planned to be updated each month. 

   As I discover new things like recently Hemp Inc. has plans to put processing centers in several states. 

   I currently have two 3 foot by 4 foot U.S. maps one for current customers who have bought seed from me and are growing kenaf, the other for existing processors. Looking at the 2 maps side by side I can readily see where processing facilities would most likely be in demand and service growers as well as markets and manufacturers nearby. 

   It is vital that these maps are as complete and up to date as possible. In addition to kenaf processing and growing, industrial hemp processing and growing facilities will need to be added, since a processing facility for fiber and wood can service both plants. Some of my customers grow both and some have multiple grow operations in more than one state. Some have market contracts as well. 

   These maps can also be used by manufacturers and kenaf-investors to see which areas they would like to work with. 

   This new section of maps I hope you find useful and any suggestions for an additional map along with any data that can be added to any of our maps can be sent to me via email.

Kenaf Grower Map

Kenaf Processor Map

Maps of The Future

   At some point in the future integrated database and mapping software with layers will be needed to keep up with a fast growing industry. Could kenaf/hemp be the new currency based economy, replacing oil?

   If each of us share the connections and information we have in a regenerative manner, who knows what is possible, eh?

Maps Video and Link

   Video Maps software example. This map software has the option of uploading an Excell spreadseet. The data for this is nearly complete in an excel spreadsheet and will soon be ready for uploading. Because it is fast these maps can be updated and shared here as new data comes in. Interested in sponsoring this mapping software liscense? contact Bob.

   Map software link and example.