Research Update

by Bob
(Onaway, Michigan)

Now that we have tested 39 varieties of kenaf in the north central and southern US states we have determined 2 varieties Whitten (medium maturing 90 days) and Tanaing2 (late maturing 120 days) will work for certain types of uses within the existing supply chain. Whitten the more popular of the 2 has a high demand for seed supply. This years research being done in northerm Michigan is focused on renewable products that may influence the maturity cycle allowing us to produce mature seeds from the Whitten variety, and allowing our shorter growing season in the northern latitudes to produce the needed supply of this sought after seed. Working with the manufacturers of these renewable products to determine if the input costs are warranted and to become part of a business model we can share, is also part of this years research underway. We are all about regenerative agriculture, the circular economy and the big picture of what will work. Like weeds being the transition pioneers for a future forest, I see kenaf as the transition pioneer for regenerative agriculture.

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