Kenaf Research 2022

by Bob
(Onaway, Michigan)

This s a preview of the Research Document that will be filled in daily and published when finished. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

KPUSA Research 2022
Research Purpose, Parameters and Documentation
The purpose of this research is to determine the affects of various inputs and variables occurring during the growing season in Onaway, Michigan. Calculations of input costs and yield for fiber, hurd and seed.
Xtragrow was chosen as a plant based fertilizer and because of its affect on yield and maturity of other plant species warranting a test to determine if a medium maturing variety of kenaf (Whitten) can mature and start producing seed earlier than normal for harvesting mature seed in latitudes 34N-45N. Also, Xtragrow was used to see if growth and yield are substantially increased to warrant its use in commercial grow operations.
Givlife was chosen for its active microbials that affect plant health and the affects it has working with Xtragrow and by itself.
Biochar was used in combinations to determine additional benefits i.e. less water usage and any improvements compared to those rows without it.
Azomite was also added to see if the minerals it contains influence the growth or health of kenaf in some way.
Seed treatment (recommended 24 hour soak) in one row to determine affect on germination rate or any other improvements compared to control Row 1 with no treatment or additives.
Watering for the first two weeks to meet other research recommendations to establish plants. Additional watering will be based on actual precipitation and observation of plant needs. Watering may or may not be consistent for each row i.e. rows treated with biochar are expected to hold moisture and made available to plants for longer periods of time. Attempt to make optimum growing conditions for each row of plants.
Daily logging of the 8 rows of kenaf with their inputs and weekly photos of each for documented comparisons. Each day will have the daily weather report, precipitation and/or watering times using the shower nozzle setting.
Minimum of weekly photos for comparison or when something noticeable takes place over night in one or more of the rows, to really show what is happening throughout the season. Photos taken by a Nikon DX3300 digital camera with a Nikon DX VR AF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6GII Lens.
Row Descriptions and Planting
All seeds planted 7 inches apart all rows 7 inches apart
Row 1 No additives plant seed in trench directly and cover with soil.
Row 2 Trench row and add seed treated kenaf seeds to trench and cover with soil.
Row 3 Trench row add seed and cover with soil. Add Xtragrow 2 weeks after sprouting and mix in soil.
Row 4 Trench row add Givlife (recommended water mix) in soil add seed and cover with soil.
Row 5 Trench row, add premix of Xtragrow with biochar to trench, add seed and cover with soil.
Row 6 Trench row, add premix Givlife with biochar to trench, add seed and cover with soil. Givlife put into 2 gallons of rain water added 2 teaspoons of black strap molasses and bubbled for 41 hours.
Row 7 Trench row add premix of Xtragrow/Givlife/biochar to trench, add seed and cover with soil.
Row 8 Trench row add premix of Xtragrow/Givlife/Azomite/biochar to trench, add seed and cover with soil. Half a cup of Azomite was added to 2 gallons of rainwater, stirred a couple times over 41 hours.
17 June 2022 Seed Planting day
14 seeds planted in each row
Temperature High / Low 72°/46° Wind 21 mph Humidity 47% Dew Point 50°
Pressure 29.87 in UV Index 8 of 10 Visibility 10 mi Moon Phase Waning Gibbous
Precipitation/Watering Watered lightly 3 times letting it sink in. Watered around 11:30AM

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