Addressing Food Supply

by Bob
(Onaway, Michigan)

Because food supply is a real concern and will be needed in communitees throughout the US, Kenaf Partners USA is planning to assist in addressing this now! This can set the stage for kenaf operations to follow. We are in the process of closing the funds for one in nearly every state. Let me know if you are interested in participating in this and what part(s) you would like to play.

To educate children between the ages of fourth grade and throughout college about the incredible benefits of Premium Organic agriculture practices, to develop and certify them and assist them in achieving USDA Agriculture grants to promote local premium organic farms in both our rural and urban settings thereby boosting the health, nutrition and well-being of our communities.

We would have real world laboratories, host seminars, training sessions, kids camps, weddings, fundraisers, concerts and artists. We would be able to manufacture and thereby teach trades such as beekeeping, milling, machinists, welding, process engineering, laboratory sciences and Master Gardeners. We will continue additional research and development of Premium Organic Agricultural practices involving the local schools and colleges as a research station for agriculture and soil and water reclamation and wildlife habitats.

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