Solomon Adi

by Solomon Adi
(Abuja, Nigeria)

Late maturing seed from Nigeria, Africa
I have three varieties, namely; Ifeken D1 400, Ifeken 400 and Cuba 108. Their maturity days for seed harvesting are 120 days (4 months) and (90 days) for fibre production.
The dry weight for stalks per hectare which is the same as 2.47 acres of Ifeken D1 400 variety yields about 1.1 tonnes while that of Ifeken 400 variety yields 0.7 tonnes per hectare which is the same as 2.47 acres. All my seeds are viable seeds.I sell in kilograms and each kilogram of seed sells at $7. Ifeken D1 400 variety has high fibre yield, high core yield, stalk diameter is relatively uniform which enhance mechanical processing, non branching of stalk and daylight sensitive. I am also available for fibre supply provided necessary arrangements are made ahead of time. Pictures and lab documents would be made available on demand via or +2348029438661

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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