Crash Lowe

by Crash Lowe
(Falmouth, Maine USA)

I have 9.5M lbs of hemp biomass, $.23 per lb to your door west of the Mississippi and $.26 per lb to your door east of the Mississippi. I have a contract with JB Hunt for the trucking. This material is a mixed lot of some 2019 but mostly from 2020. The material does still have some small chunks of CBD in it but by all testing standards THC is 0. At this point the material would be best for fiber. Material is baled in rectangles and each weighs between 900 lbs to 1000 lbs. Bales are wrapped in white plastic. The lot is located in north western MT. If milling is needed we have access to a number of different options but milling is not included in the cost. Please contact me with any questions you might have at 303-875-3678 or I am happy to email pictures and lab documents.

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