Affiliate Overview

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   As an affiliate with Kenaf Partners USA you will be able to promote and get paid for every sale that occurs based on tracking codes from the first click to future purchases. 

   It is free to sign up and once you do, training videos and your own back office to track all the activity and manage your promotional campaigns is available for you to start.

   Currently, the E-book "Unlocking The Mysteries of Kenaf" (Only $6.99 each) is ready for the affiliate program. Each sale pays $2.50. 

   Start Now!


Future Products for Affiliates

   I have been and will continue to establish partnerships and opportunities for affiliates to earn a commission on sales of seed, fiber, wood, equipment and more. This may be the career opportunity you or someone you know has been looking for. You can start out part-time and graduate into a full-time activity as an affiliate, depending on what you you are interested in. 

Benefits of Being an Affiliate

   Being an affiliate you are an independent contractor meaning this is your business that you are responsible for. You have no quotas to meet except the ones you set for yourself. You set your own hours. You are part of a network of individuals who have the foresight to see the incredible potential kenaf has in handling major concerns around the world i.e. hunger, deforestation, pollution, climate change, social injustice, economics, health in categories of human health, environmental health and the conomic health in communities around the world. 

What is Expected of An Affiliate

   As an affiliate you represent Kenaf Partners USA, its' partners and other affiliates. You agree that you will carry on your business in an honest and professional manner.

   Learn all you can about promoting, marketing and sales. Make recommendations that would improve results. Initiate feedback on your positive affiliate experience with us.

Have fun make money.

Promotional Tools for Affiliates

   Once sales are in a range that allows me to move forward on a professional marketing video for each of the products added to the affiliate program, these videos will be made available to you with your tracking code embedded at no charge. These videos will be professionally designed to get the click and the sale. If you wish to create a video of your own, submit it to me for approval.