Funding The Kenaf Industry in the US

by Bob
(Onaway, Michigan)

Did you know there is a new first in crypto currency with Rexnet that can be used as a down payment on certain real estate transactions? The crypto is backed by real estate like our USD was at one time backed by gold. Transactions are negotiated with the sellers who can use their properties to support regenerative agriculture, their favorite charity, their children, themselves in a creative combination meeting one or many seller preferences. It is estimated that there are 26 trillion in potential sales in the US alone. Kenaf Partners USA is helping to spearhead transitions in agriculture through kenaf as a rotational cash crop for corn, soy and cotton farmers in the US. This will require substantial funding for the infrastructure that will also benefit the hemp industry. Help us help you and others, weather the storm and do our part in the circular economy and a New America.

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