Fiber Equipment

   When I first started out several years ago, I needed to find the equipment that made sense to this new industry and continued to look into what was available for those starting out small and growing over the years. This has been a work in progress, that is now complete. New partnerships conveniently connected to answer all the questions about products and services needed for a successful processing facility is now complete. 

   I have come to realize that both quantity and quality are needed as stated by buyers. Our recommended equipment addresses both, so your processing facility is viable. 

   I, as well as my new partners for equipment and financing depend on each other to do our part to ensure your success. From farm to manufacturer we have you covered. To get started from here watch this video and then send me an email with a time (EST) your phone number and when you are available. 

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I have 2 links I can share with you. The first one demonstrates the processing equipment for both kenaf and hemp. I am working with both Jeremy the global distributor / component manufacturer and Paul Whitehouse financing specialist. If you or anyone you know would be interested in a processing facility we can help make it happen. If after watching the videos below you would like to meet Jeremy and Paul via a zoom meeting, email me and let me know. I'll start the ball rolling to schedule a time that works.

Processor Demonstration 

10 Minutes

Paul Whitehouse Jeremy Luciano

Intro to Funding and Equipment

56 Minutes

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Bob Lawrason

Founder, CEO

Kenaf Partners USA